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Brand Identity


Brand Competition 

Onside is a conference event that brings Sheffield Hallam University and the Women's European Championships 2022, together in the host city of Sheffield, to celebrate the rise of women's football. My design concept was chosen to become the brand identity of the conference, which will be shown in Sheffield, with the aim of also being taken to other host cities across England. 



BrandIng Project 

Onside is a conference aimed to bring Sheffield Hallam University and the UEFA Women's European Championships together to celebrate Women's Football. The client wanted a brand identity that brought the two organisations together, embracing the celebratory theme with a fun and playful design. 


Brand Identity

Merging the colour palettes from the two organisations to create a sibling colour palette, representing both organisations while still holding its own identity. Gradients where used to modernise the colour palette and remove the sense of flatness. Re-iterating the fun and playful theme wanted by the client, I mixed the Montserrat typeface, which I was to use on the titles and bulk text, with an additional font, Khalif Irsyad, which was to be used on single words to add boldness to my work. Together I feel like they create the perfect representation of what I have trying to achieve as they are both legible as well as the Khalif typeface brings a bit of presence and fun to the design.


BrandIng Identity

To keep the theme football related, icons usually found within tactical analysis and training environments, have been hand drawn, scanned and added to the background to add a raw layer, adding depth and meaning to the gradient background. A Low opacity reduces the congestion and noise within the background keeping the design subtle and allowing the logo, when added, to take centre stage.  


BrandIng Identity

When analysing the two organisations logos, both lack the relationship with football. As there is no object/reference to football within the logos, new users will struggle to grasp the brand without more context. Therefore a new visual identity was needed that was more orientated towards the brands focus. A abstract women footballer striking a ball inferred both the brand focus of women's football as well as the idea of celebration and growth. 


BrandIng Identity

With the brand components now made up, it was time to assemble them together to create the brands final mark. The contrasting colour palette on the gradient background with subtle football references, allows the user to grasp the brands identity, aims and ambitions. 


BrandIng Identity

With the final mark finalised, the other brand components where added to bring the design together. The client also wanted a Inspired By SHU 2022 tagline to accompany the Onside Mark as a separate visual, keeping the same brand identity. To the right is two marks together, highlighting how the brand identity works to keep a uniformed visual outcome, that the user can identify. 


BrandIng In Use 

With the branding complete, seeing it placed within a environment in which a user may come across this branding within a everyday scenario, allows the client to get a feel for the design. When seeing the design on a instagram feed it stands out to the user due to the bold contrasting colours and playful text, this is exactly what is need to grasp the users attention to check out the page and participate in conferences. 

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 22.04_edited.png


BrandIng In Use 

With the aim brief focus being on the brand identity for a conference. These mock-ups show the client the brand identity used within conference material, from how the presentation slides would look like and how the details from the background can be used to mask images and create focal points to presentation slides, to how the brand identity could be used on a conferences schedule print out. 


Brand identity that brings Sheffield Hallam University and UEFA Women's Euro's together to celebrate women's football. 
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